Sanrio Puroland: It’s About Hello Kitty

It’s all about Hello Kitty, that will be your words when you see Sanrio Puroland. If you have deep passion for Hello Kitty, then Sanrio Puroland is the right place for you to visit. This trending spot offers so many exciting things between the gigantic commercial buildings in the western Tama District, Tokyo.

You can bring your kids, your lover, your friend, or even only yourself. It doesn’t matter. There you can get so many offerings of pleasure, and still, they are all about Hello Kitty. Well, what are they then?

1. Maarchen Theater

You can watch the adventure of Hello Kitty in the magical land of OZ. You can also dance and sing along, since it’s a musical revue.

2. Entertainment Hall

You can experience a 7 fun-filled games in Hello Kitty’s Castle. Here, you would be challenged to get your own throne and kingdom.

3. Fairyland Theater

Who doesn’t love fairytale?  However, you will not only watch the fairy tale but the acrobatic is really entertaining as well.

4. Sanrio Character Boat Ride

Do you wanna know, what  Hello Kitty’s party like is? Then get into this attraction.

5. Kitty’s House

The place where you can yell, again, it’s all about Hello Kitty. Yup, this is the house of the pink cat. You can experience Hello Kitty’s daily lifestyle.

6. Et cetera

Yes, I typed et cetera, because there are still more attractions you can see. However there’s one thing left to say, just go there.

People know Sanrio has many character, but Hello Kitty seems his golden creature though. So visiting Sanrio Puroland is like entering a Hello Kitty Museum. Would you scream it’s all about Hello Kitty then?!


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